In order to achieve our mission and have a bigger impact, we have identified three core strategies for our work:


Through Science: WCS will produce and disseminate the information and knowledge necessary to inform and improve conservation and management action in the wild places that we seek to conserve, and to measure the impact of our work.


Through Conservation Action: WCS will help to conserve ecologically intact wild places in 15 priority terrestrial and marine regions and their wildlife, and reverse the decline of six priority groups of species across their range– elephants, apes, big cats, sharks & rays, whales & dolphins, and tortoises & freshwater turtles. We will also help maintain viable populations of critically endangered species in our zoos and aquarium.


Through Engagement and Education: WCS will activate a conservation movement of a diverse, influential and enduring global audience that is invested and empowered to protect wild nature, using the powerful experiences at our zoos and aquarium; enduring impact of our education programs; and the great reach of digital tools.