Digital Media Communication Specialist (Consultant)

Terms of reference

1. Background

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is a US-headquartered organization that saves wildlife and wild places by understanding critical issues, crafting science-based solutions, and taking conservation actions that benefit nature and humanity.
With long-term commitments in dozens of landscapes, presence in more than 60 countries, and experience helping to establish over 250 protected areas across the globe, WCS has amassed the biological knowledge, cultural understanding and partnerships to ensure that vibrant, wild places and wildlife thrive alongside local communities. Working with local communities and organizations, that knowledge is applied to address species, habitat and ecosystem management issues critical to improving the quality of life of poor rural people whose livelihoods depend on the direct utilization of natural resources.
Project background
Wildlife trafficking is devastating populations of many species across the globe; the problem is most extreme in Southeast Asia. A large number of species native to the region are now threatened primarily by poaching due to an international demand for their specimens, parts and products, particularly from China.
In 2019, WCS launched an initiative to leverage civil society partnerships to increase the effectiveness of Asian governments’ action to end the wildlife trade. The “Partners Against Wildlife Crime” project is a 10M€ Action funded by the European Union (EU) and is implemented in seven countries through a consortium of 12 international and national partner organizations. Its aim is to disrupt illicit supply chains from source to market for tiger, Asian elephant, Siamese rosewood and freshwater turtles.

2. Objectives of the assignment

Brief description
The Social Media Specialist will provide communication support to the European Union (EU)-funded ‘Partners against Wildlife Crime” project mainly through two existing social media channels (Facebook and Twitter). Beyond the dissemination of project information and knowledge products, the objective of this assignment is to grow, sustain and engage with a local to regional community of followers online and to inspire them to stand for nature and wildlife and against wildlife crime, under the EU-funded project banner.

Key tasks:

  • Review and lead the implementation of a regional Digital Media strategy for the project in cooperation with WCS country programs and relevant WCS communications staff. This will include metrics for monitoring activity and results.
  • Draft an editorial plan of social media content primarily focused on project’s achievements.
  • Develop training materials and deliver training for national project staff on the digital media strategy and guidelines for conversation management.
  • Throughout the consultancy period, provide strategic communication advice to countries on engagement with and management of their social media channels.

3. Deliverables

  • Month #1: based on the project’s overall communication strategy and its digital media component, an editorial plan of social media content drafted and finalized
  • Months #2-6: a minimum of eight (8) project-specific, project-related new pieces of content uploaded per month on selected social media outlets (1 per each country and 1 regional)
  • Month #2-5: monthly reports of web and social media metrics.
  • Month #6: final report with recommendations for continuation and improvement.


4. Duration of assignment and expected place of work

Period of Performance: six (6) months, 15th May 2021 – 15th November 2021, with potential for renewal and expansion Contract: this will be a local consultancy contract. Applicants must have right to live and work in Thailand. Work station: Home-based. The consultant will provide services remotely; (s)he may come to the office occasionally for meeting (only for those living in Bangkok), once it reopens.

5. Reporting

The consultant will be managed by and report to the Regional Project Coordinator, Partners against Wildlife Crime, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). Delivery plan as above.

6. Payment

The consultant will be paid in monthly payments upon satisfactory review of deliverables each month.

7. Qualifications

Profile: You are a social media animal who can create catchy communications, with a vision. In particular, you are… • Graduated in media and communication (digital and mass media, development communication, etc.) or related field (journalism, digital marketing, etc.) and/or • With proven and verifiable professional experience in digital media development and management; experience in strategic communications is desirable; • Digitally savvy, with an up-to-date knowledge of today’s social media platforms; • Web-design and/or graphic design experience is an asset; • Proven writing, editing and speaking skills in English is a must, whereas similar command of Thai is an asset.

To apply:
Interested candidates should send a cover letter and CV to Application deadline: 15th May 2021. Applications will be processed on a first come, first serve basis.