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The 3rd Teacher For Tiger activity was held for Wat Khao Kongchai School in August 16, 2010. There are 2 teachers from Baan Pang Maiphai School participated TEACHERS FOR TIGERS program. There are 100 students from Grade 1 - 3 and 65 students from Grade 4 - 6 participated.

Students from Wat Khao Kongchai School has basic understanding about the forest because it located quite closely to the forest and the teachers had insert about forest and wildlife conservation in during the class. Moreover, the teachers had led their students to concerns events such as Seub’s Memorial Day in Huai Khakhaeng Wildlife Sanctuary that made the student familiar with and much interested in forest and wildlife study.

For the teachers, they utilize Teachers For Tigers manual in activities with some groups of student, especially that relevant to imagination such as drawing, and for representing information about tiger in several ways. And, as reported by the teachers, the activities recommended and instructed in Teachers For Tigers manual, helped the students learn more about tiger than teaching in their usual ways.

In the morning, students in Grade 1 - 3 watched the “Two bothers” video story telling about tiger’s threats which made the students felt sympathize with the tigers’ fate. In result, they agreed and understood why tiger should not be hunted by human. Then, officers from Huai Khakhaeng Wildlife Sanctuary drew knowledge about tiger through several games.

The activities in the afternoon were for Grade 4 - 6 students. They learn about Huai Khakhaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, forest and wildlife resources through various games. In addition, an officer from Thampratun Non Hunting Area came to illustrate about wildlife and natural resources in the area at the end.

Thanks to:

Department of National Park, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation

Huai Khakhaeng Wildlife Sanctuary

Huai Khakhaeng Wildlife Conservation Development and Extension Center

Thai Nature Game Group

Reported by: Jutamas Tifong / Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Thailand Program

Image by: Kwanchai Waitanyakarn / Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Thailand Program